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Amazing Veneto aims at promoting and showcasing the Veneto region as a destination of excellence for both the Italian and international markets. Workshops and eductours are the main tools we employ for buyers to get in touch with our network and discover the hidden treasures of the region. Each workshop and eductour is connected to a main topic (Food&Wine, Mountains&Outdoor, Sea&Lakes, Culture and UNESCO sites). 

Food&Wine Eductour

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The seven buyers met in Verona and embarked on the journey of discovering Veneto through food and wine as their first stop was Valpolicella, known for its ancient wine tradition. Two visits to a few wine cellars were planned for that day, Cantina Farina ad Cantina Buglioni, where the buyers explored the vineyards where the Valpolicella classics are produced and had dinner later. 

On their second day in Veneto, the buyers had a full day in the city of love: Verona welcomed them with a guided tour of the city and the Arena in addition to a delicious lunch at Osteria Casa Monte Baldo. In the afternoon, they were ready again for some wine tastings in Valpolicella and visited the wine cellar Torre di Terzolan and had an aperitivo with a breathtaking view at wine cellar Giovanni Ederle. The day wasn’t over yet and they headed to a cooking class dinner where they made fresh pasta, spaghetti alla chitarra, ricotta and lemon tortelli and basil ice cream.

On their third day, the buyers left for Soave, a fortified village whose name is closely connected to the local wine. A morning visit to the wine cellar Del Castello and they were off to Asolo where they had lunch at Osteria al Bacaro. In the afternoon, they visited the town popular for the Castle of Caterina Cornaro, Eleonora Duse’s house, the Rock and the famous artists that have lived there such as Robert Browning and Freya Stark. An additional visit to Villa Sandi was included, combining wine tasting, local history and special anecdotes regarding the villa. At last but not least, Treviso was the final destination of their Tuesday: a guided walk of the city along the canals, Piazza dei Signori and la Loggia dei Cavalieri followed by a dinner at Ristorante Cae De Oro.

On their last day of experiences, the buyers explored Serravalle: their first stop was Sarah’s Vineyard, a young winery that reflects the sparkling colors of the surrounding area. They had lunch at the farm holiday Vedova and did their last tasting at Bortolomiol winery. At Villa Soligo, a splendid accommodation facility, they finally met the Amazing Veneto team for a workshop and a delicious dinner. 

On this day, our buyers had breakfast and left after a 5-day eductour full of exquisite local food and wine. 

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Outdoor Eductour

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The nine buyers gathered in Adria (RO) where a light buffet lunch was waiting for them followed by a welcome briefing and introduction of the eductour. After getting to know each other, their discovery could finally start.

At 2:30 pm they left for their first destination, Porto Caleri, where they took a guided walking tour inside the botanical garden, a magical place that offers unique and unforgettable scenery, ideal for birdwatchers. At the end of the tour, they returned to Adria, taking the bus along the Valli Nord route and were able to appreciate the sunset reflected on the fish farms. After dinner at Ristorante Molteni, they returned to the hotel.

After an early breakfast, our buyers were transferred to the Po Delta and rode the morning  away on a cycling path with unique and unforgettable landscapes among valleys and lagoons until reaching a hut where they discovered how the local pink oysters are processed and had a special tasting. 

At 3 p.m., after a lunch at Ristorante Bilancione, they embarked on a boat excursion with typical outboard and flat keel boats ridden by local fishermen and discovered the hidden treasures of the Delta. At the end of the excursion, they left for Campagna Lupia (VE) and had dinner at Osteria Ai Mitraglieri. 

The last day of activities consisted of a boat excursion of the South Lagoon: the Water Park of Venice, an area suspended between land and water, untouched for millennia and restored in recent years to its most intact and fascinating dimension. A natural and precious reserve of great spaces and great silences. Only recently opened to tourism, the South Lagoon and the Cornio Canal are home to landscapes of poignant beauty, ancient fish farms and old hunting lodges. Brunch with a well-deserved light Venetian buffet lunch.

An early afternoon transfer to Dolo where our buyers discovered by bike the stretch from Dolo to Strà (about 14 km). Along the route, the beautiful villas of the Riviera del Brenta and the rediscovery of the splendor of La Serenissima and the Venetian nobility, a fascinating world that no longer exists but still has tangible influence thanks to the evocative atmosphere. A visit to Villa Pisani was included in the excursion.

After a few days of full exploration, the nine buyers meet the Amazing Veneto team at a workshop followed by dinner. 

Breakfast at the hotel and goodbye to the buyers.

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Sea & Lakes Eductour

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The seven buyers arrived in Bibione and had a light lunch. A guided bike tour was waiting for them to discover the bike paths and natural beauty that the Bibione beach has to offer.

They rode all the way around Bibione’s 7km waterfront bike loop, accessed the Valgrande nature reserve for a short tour of this natural area and arrived at the tip of the Lighthouse at the mouth of the Tagliamento River, which marks the border between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

After the bike tour, they returned to the hotel for a quick visit to the thermal baths and had dinner.

At 9AM a new day of discovery started for the buyers: first, a boat tour from Bibione to Caorle where they embarked on a guided tour of the historic centers of Caorle, Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro.

Following the navigation, they had a guided tour of the historic village of Ca’ Corniani in Caorle and its winery, with 4 tastings of local wines accompanied by appetizers. After a rustic lunch in a local restaurant in the historic center of Concordia Sagittaria, they continued the tour of Concordia Sagittaria and Portogruaro. 

The third day of eductour focused on the lake instead of the sea: the seven buyers headed to Garda. After arriving in Sirmione around noon and meeting up with Edoardo and Claudio Ghirardi from Montebaldo, they started a walking tour through the historic center of Sirmione. They had lunch in Sirmione and boarded a private motorboat for a tour of the peninsula including natural beauties such as Lazise, Bardolino, Punta S. Vigilio and Gulf of Garda.

On their last day of discovery, the buyers left for a guided tour of San Vigilio, Malcesine and Limone.

In the late afternoon, they had a workshop with the Amazing Veneto network followed by the final dinner. 

The seven buyers had breakfast at the hotel and left by transfers. 

Culture Eductour

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Scheduled transfers from airport and station to the hotel for a light lunch in Venice. Guided tour of the Cannaregio sestiere including the Jewish ghetto and the fondamenta della Madonna dell’Orto. Dinner at Antica Besseta and overnight stay in the city. 

Boat tour followed by a visit to the main attractions of Venice including St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica. Transfer to Padua and lunch at Antico Brolo. The buyers met with their guide and started sightseeing: a walk along the historic squares of Padua and a visit to the Basilica of St. Anthony and the Scrovegni Chapel. Transfer on foot to the Padua Planetarium where the group attended a piano concert with classical music played in the dark. Dinner at Villa Italia and transfer to the hotel for the overnight stay.

Breakfast and departure for Padua. Meeting with the guide for a visit to Palazzo della Ragione and the Botanical Garden. Departure for Vicenza and lunch at Trattoria Da Righetti. Visit to the Olympic Theater and walk through the historic center (Piazza dei Signori and exterior of the Basilica Palladiana). Return to the hotel for workshop with the network, dinner and overnight stay.

Morning and departure for Vicenza to visit Villa Valmarana ai Nani. Lunch en route and early afternoon arrival in Sestri di Levante.

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