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Amazing Veneto

The project aims at focusing on building relationships between international buyers

and local organizations between Venice and the Dolomites within the tourism industry,

with particular focus on the regional UNESCO sites.


The project brings together travel agencies, tour operators, DMCs, service providers

and accommodation facilities to ensure a comprehensive offer of the destinations and

attractions in the Veneto region. The network’s priority is to enter into contact with

international buyers, which is ensured by a widespread planning of physical and virtual

meetings and featuring an increasing presence of the Veneto Region’s locations within

the planned educationals.


The main objective of the project is therefore to create customized tourism product

proposals for the buyers’ targets, due to their specific knowledge, which is

simultaneously consistent with the objectives of the region (in particular “Slow and

Green” sphere), the Veneto Strategic Tourism Plan (STPV) and the Annual Tourism

Plan (ATP). The project also pursues the objectives of Action 2 of the EUSALP macro-

strategy “Enhancement of the economic potential of strategic sectors” as it operates

in a sector with high development potential over a vast territory. The economic and

social impact expected thanks to increased tourist flows is significant both in economic

and inclusion terms. Regarding the project’s coherence to EUSAIR pillar 4 sustainable

tourism, it addresses the need for harmonized distribution of tourist flows across

territories using cultural itineraries as a tool for the creation of diversified and

innovative tourism products. The focus on UNESCO sites also allows enhancing

contact with the so-called “cultural” tourists, their size and impact on local communities

and economy, leading to new business opportunities, increase in the total number of

tourist arrivals and overnight stays.


The enterprises of ATS Amazing Veneto collaborate in the creation of an articulated

and quality offer addressed to comprehensive and engaging forms of tourism, thanks

also to the tools made available by the Region such as the Destination Management

System (DMS) of the Veneto Region, the Welcoming Charter and the Regional

Federal Tourism Observatory. The project is carried out with the collaboration with

important providers within the tourism sector and their will to pass on their knowledge

and experience to the businesses constituting the network.


5 educationals

11 workshops

1 website

3 social media accounts


The project is co-financed by POC 2014-2020 through a sum corresponding to €