Veneto, Amazing Surprise!

Veneto is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, ranking first in terms of tourist numbers in Italy. Its cultural heritage, richness of landscape and variety of environments and ecosystems make it possible to try different types of experiences and to satisfy the needs of any traveller: from art tours to seaside tourism, from thermal to sports excursions, from mountains to the countryside.


Our amazing destinations

Venice has an ancient and poignant charm to it. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, its fame speaks for itself.

One cannot think of Verona without recalling Romeo and Juliet’s love story. The city offers a variety of secret attractions.

The city of Vicenza is mostly known for Andrea Palladio: the traces of his life and works can be discovered in this amazing city.

Padua offers a vast variety of attractions: a prestigious university, the world’s first botanic garden and a frescoed chapel.

Set in the Dolomites Natural Park and surrounded by mountains, Belluno is a pleasant city that offers a taste of the Veneto atmosphere.

Rovigo is known for being a small, quiet town that does not disappoint those in search of hidden beauty that hides among the narrow streets and buildings.

Also known as ‘Little Venice’, Treviso offers tourists its natural sights but also its artistic and cultural heritage, not to mention an excellent culinary tradition. 

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